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Goodbye Courtside, Hello DukesOfJMU

November 13, 2011

Thank you to everybody who followed and commented on this blog during the past couple months. As much fun as I had interacting with CAA fans across the east coast, the forum will have to change.

Due to a  partnership between the Daily News-Record and, this blog – at least in its current form – will cease to exist.

Instead, I direct you to, a new website devoted exclusively to JMU football and men’s basketball.

Subscribers will get up-to-the-minute notes from Mike Barber and me, access to photo galleries, recruiting news, Q&A’s and an exclusive message board.

In addition, every JMU story we print in the newspaper will be immediately posed on

If you subscribe to the site, you also gain access to content at all of Rivals’ other college sites (except for their message boards).

It will cost $9.95 a month or $100 a year. We are giving you a two-week trial for free.

Sorry to those who enjoyed my JMU tidbits while they were free. Technically, I’m not really allowed to mention JMU athletics on this blog anymore, but hopefully I will find another way to keep it active.

JMU’s basketball season begins today, so I’d be remiss not to direct you to a quick run-down previewing the Dukes’ first game. It just happens to be at an all new place…

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